Pricing Plan

Explore AMRR Infratech's transparent and competitive pricing plans, with a commitment to value, quality, and client satisfaction.

Construction Experience

Advantages Of Building With Us
  • No hidden Cost or no surprises in the end
  • Payment schedule agreed upon in the beginning.
  • All construction services under one roof
  • Assured Delivery Date promise during Agreement.
  • Work supervision by Licensed Engineers, use of Branded materials
  • Industry best 1.5years defect liability period

Typical Experience

Challenges observed in other companies
  • Hassle of extra payment demands at the end of the project, claiming some sort of extra works
  • Irregular and constant payment demand
  • Approx 36 market trips to procure material and hire contractors
  • Long delays, no communications on delays
  • No Quality checks, Use of Inferior materials
  • No warranty on work done